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Monster White Shark Revenge


Control with click this Giant Hungry White Shark attack for revenge, near shoreline in this full of action and adventure game. You will feel yourself a Barbarous Giant Shark which chase to Survive. Eat and smash everything on your way, keep continue the bloodbath of going on white shark’s revenge binge in beautiful underwater ocean environment. Enjoy! The best of its sort Giant Monster White Shark Revenge 3D, and turn into a savage hungry shark to smash like dogfish, and kill heartlessly in an endless manner, even human friendly dolphins. Control this beast as she terrorizes the waters, attack boats, eats people, and hunts down some humpback whales. This relentless savage mammoth hunter is hunting underwater, and is out to eat majority of fish and heaps of human, but smooth and easy controls allow you to play. Jump down to the profundity of the sea, and get start battle with diverse Sharks and Killer Whales who kill other fishes, like dolphin, orca, jellyfish etc. etc. with wilderness, eat some sort of dolphin to grasp your sharky appetite. Bounce to the surface to assault or raid on general public with this predator beast, getting a charge out of on the shoreline for fishing, or swimming chum or scuba diving in warm waters. Be careful with the hunters, they shoot without missing. There are no amnesty coastguards with helicopter to save people.There are beautiful graphics inside it, with many wonderful backgrounds. Awesome 3D sharks and obstacles: fish, sea turtle, seahorse, jellyfish, naval mines and octopus. But, the giant shark is out of control! It will assault and smash whatever gets in way. Grab in mighty jaws and kill forthwith. Play as an angry shark and show no benevolence by smashing and killing everything with this giant angry white shark for revenge. Pursue what you need, assault and get it in the might Jaws to slaughter rapidly. Monster White Shark Revenge is easy to play, jus avoid fish, sea turtle, seahorse and jellyfish, and beware of naval mines and octopus, beside this do not let the sharks come close to the boat of fisherman and all set. Beautifully smooth and simple controls grants you to control your monster very easy and start killing public with no effort. Continue gassing and do not fail with eating.Giant Hungry White Shark of 2016 Features:• Awesome 3d Sea beside shoreline environment • Animated monster Great Hungry White Shark • Animated Aquatic creatures including Shark, Dolphin etc. etc.• Awesome Hunting missions with smooth and easy controls• Have Magical environment and impacts. • Smooth diversion play and simple controls • Awesome Visuals and sound Effects